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August 2015

First Draft Completed

As one of this book’s key supporters, we wanted you to be the first to know that we have completed an entire first draft!
There is still a lot of work to be done before we can publish: editing, adding in more examples, refining graphics and diagrams, finalizing references, proofreading, polishing, and adjusting the format and layout of the text. But we officially have a full first draft! It’s 270 pages long (excluding the preface, table of contents, and references) but we intend to whittle it down to 250, total.
In trying to publish this book as soon as possible, Sarah has done a first round of editing on most of the book and Donnie is now starting a second round on the first chapters. After a few more rounds of editing, we’ll be ready to hand it to Chiara, who will finalize the lay-out and graphics. When she’s finished with it, we can publish. We are getting closer to the finish line every week and we still anticipate being able to publish by the end of October.
We are still taking every opportunity we can to spread the word about the book before it comes out. You might have noticed that Donnie has been very busy giving talks and interviews, including this wonderful interview with Wade Danielson, at The Entrepreneur's Library.
screenshot of how on earth and radio mike from Enterpreneur's Library
Tegan published this article linking Earth Overshoot Day with the Not-for-Profit World model.
earth overshood day article screenshot from post growth blog
And last month, The Guardian published an article that Jen wrote, highlighting the connections between for-profit business, economic growth and the Greek crisis, which got a good bit of traction.
screenshot of guardian article on post growth beyond capitalism
We are really excited to be nearing the time when we can launch this game-changing book into the world and we are so grateful that you have been sharing this journey with us!
Jen, Donnie, Sarah and the Post Growth Institute team
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