Happy 2016! This is the year we launch the How on Earth book and introduce the Not-for-Profit World model to the wider population.
With so many amazing things happening across the globe, we’re confident that the economic system we’ve outlined will provide you and others with a vital missing ingredient for co-creating a brighter future.
We are getting closer to our publishing date every day. We have been working closely with our graphic designer, Chiara Aliotta, to finalize the images and layout for the book and we are very excited about how things are looking!
We are still editing, having spent the last few months restructuring the text and filling in gaps. We need to go over it a few more times to spice up the writing and smooth it all over before we hand the full manuscript over to a professional editor to polish it to perfection.
Given our current status with the book, we admit needing to push the publishing date back by about six weeksinto mid-April. But we can assure you that we are quickly nearing the finish line and that we are giving the book our full attention until we reach it.

On this note, we are also happy to inform you that the How on Earth project can now take further donations on Indiegogo, as an ‘In Demand’ project. You can help us devote all of our attention to the book (and less attention to fundraising) if you spread the word about the project and encourage friends and family to contribute to our In Demand crowdfunding campaign. They can even receive perks, such as an early bird copy of the book. We deeply appreciate any financial help that can be offered in this final push towards publishing!
In our next update, we will send you all a sneak peek of the first chapter before the book comes, out as a small way of saying thanks for your ongoing support. We will also let you know how you can help us share the book with the world and make it's launch a huge success.
We are so deeply grateful for your support on this journey and we look forward to getting the final product, a world-changing book, into your hands very soon!
Jen, Donnie, Sarah, Tegan, Simon, Chiara, Sharon and Kristy
P.S. - Want to learn about the book's ideas in an experiential way? Attend Jen’s week-long workshop about the Not-for-Profit World model at the Kalikalos Holistic Education Centre in a picturesque Greek village by the sea, June 17-24. For more information or to book your place, click here.
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