Add As we get close to sharing our work of the past six years with you, we wanted to provide you with a penultimate update!

How on Earth is currently with an editor – the wonderful Melissa Michaels. Once the manuscript is returned, we’ll have quite a few revisions to make. So while we won’t get the book to you by July, it’s getting really close, and we’re currently talking to fulfillment companies to ensure we get hard copies to people as quickly as possible, once it’s ready to go. We’ll be in touch to give you a better ETA on the book's delivery once we’ve had a chance to assess how much work is required in responding to Melissa’s editing suggestions.

In the meantime, below is an advanced peek at flows in the Not-for-Profit (NFP) economy - explained fully in chapter 5 of How on Earth.

Without for-profit businesses concentrating wealth in the hands of owners, money (and therein debt) is constantly cycled around the common economy. This enables material security for all, eliminating the growth imperative of our present, for-profit system, which undermines human and planetary well being.

We look forward to providing you with exciting news in our next update. Thank you for your ongoing patience and support,
Donnie, Jen and the How on Earth Team

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